Saturday, September 9, 2023

Columbine Garage Doors


garage doors being installedGarage doors have always been kinda tricky for me. There's so much new technology included in such a simple contraption that only opens and closes a door.

I often find myself lost in what I need to buy and what is actually just useless money wasting stuff companies try to sell me.

And I want to trust them when they say I need to update my weather worn garage doors, and change the garage door locks but I didn't know who I could trust.

double overhead door garage

I called them at 303-578-9649 and they immediately put me on the phone with a technician who started exposing all the mechanics of my overhead door and my garage door lock, so I could better understand what was actually going on ever time I pressed my garage door remote and the door opened.

This helped me know what I was looking for when certain parts broke down and I need to fix them.

In my case particularly I wanted to get a new garage door, an automatic one and have a garage door opener system installed with a garage door remote so I wouldn't have to manually open my old garage door anymore.

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